Working with Georgia Tech

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The Emerald Coordor Foundation and Proctor Creek Greenway are working with ARCH 4803RD/8803RD - Green Infrastructure Design class at Georgia Tech.  As part of their semester project, students will evaluate and create design alternatives for green infrastructure along the corridor.  ECF will correspond and work with the students during their design process, we look forward to their final presentations!

Former Slugger Teixeira Now Focused on Environment

April 14, 2017 – Originally posted by the San Francisco Chronicle

When Mark Teixeira was growing up in Maryland, he loved hanging out at a sprawling park near his home. That's where he headed most every day after school. He could play all sorts of sports, from baseball to soccer to football. There was a pond for fishing. Sometimes, he was content just to stroll around with his dog.

"Every community deserves that," Teixeira said, his tone both nostalgic and hopeful.

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Atlanta’s Multi-use Trails Create Linear Parks and Alternative Travel Options in Light of I-85 Breach

April 2, 2017 – Originally posted by the Saporta Report

Transportation options.

Never have those two words held as much meaning for Atlanta as they do now. The collapse of a section of Interstate 85 – has severed a key transportation artery for the region. Immediately, and with good reason, there were pleas for us to get serious about regional rail transit – once and for all. A silver lining of this manmade disaster is the probability that transit will gain momentum during this transportation debacle.

But there are other options.

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Mayor Kasim Reed Announces Major Funding Commitments to Proctor Creek Watershed

February 15, 2017 – Originally posted by the City of Atlanta

Mayor Kasim Reed announced today that the City of Atlanta will allocate $3 million in TSPLOST revenue this year to build the first segment of the Proctor Creek Greenway. The Proctor Creek Greenway will be a seven-mile bicycle and pedestrian trail spanning from Maddox Park to the Chattahoochee River. 

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