Emerald Corridor Foundation was founded in 2014 by a group of landscape architects and landowners, inspired by the beauty of the area surrounding Proctor Creek, the neighborhoods’ remarkable transit connectivity, and the opportunity for revitalization. The Foundation’s "lead with green" philosophy aims to protect and restore Proctor Creek’s natural systems and tributaries, create green spaces and parks, and build a seven-mile trail along the creek. The Foundation is forming strategic partnerships to ensure that the green spaces it creates are cared for in perpetuity.

Support for the surrounding community will be demonstrated through giving for education, workforce training and development, environmental restoration and enhancement, health and recreation, arts and culture, and community development. 

The Foundation is implementing its vision in collaboration with partners that include the City of Atlanta, Greening Youth Foundation and other public, private and community partners.  Foundation work is funded via donations, partnerships and grants. Additionally, a U.S. Corps of Engineers program will facilitate funding for the Foundation through its mitigation banking program that awards credits earned through restoration of urban waterways. The credits earned through work on Proctor Creek will be sold to offset environmental impacts elsewhere in the metro region.